cruise_control.rb Campfire Plugin

We’ve been somewhat unhappy with our current Cerberus installation, so we’ve decided to jump on the CC.rb bandwagon. Though there were a couple of problems when adding projects (I’ll try to expand on that in another post), the overall experience was pretty good—installation was a breeze, and the plugin system makes extending it dead simple.

As proof…

Campfire plugin for cruisecontrol.rb

A builder plugin for CruiseControl.rb that sends build notices to campfire chat rooms.


You can get the tarball <a href=“”>here, or grab it from svn at You can even track it via externals:

svn propset svn:externals 'campfirenotifier' builderplugins/installed


  1. Create a Campfire account that you will use for sending notifications.
  2. Copy campfirenotifierplugin folder to builderplugins/installed (or use the externals method above)
  3. Modify builds/yourproject/cruiseconfig.rb by adding the following lines:
Project.configure do |project|
project.campfirenotifier.domain = 'thoughtbot'
project.campfire = '38367'
project.campfirenotifier.ssl = false
notifier.username = ''
project.campfirenotifier.password = 'senderpassword'

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