Written by thoughtbot

Keeping the Pressure On

Rather than spending our surplus on gold rings, hookers, and fur coats, we've been keeping the pressure on. Over the last 3 months we've released 5 new products, services, or open source projects. I figured we'd take a moment to remind you of them. Consider this a clip show of GRSIOGR.

In May

  • We launched a new t-shirt store, Tee-Bot. The store currently features 3 Ruby on Rails inspired shirts, and we plan on releasing more soon. To check it out, visit the store.
  • We released widgetfinger, a simple content management system for simple websites. Widgetfinger isn't just a CMS, its a complete hosted service for design firms, so they no longer have to deal with the annoyance of maintaining their own server or separate hosting accounts. Find out more and get started at the widgetfinger website.

In June

  • We released factory_girl, a fixture replacement library that follows the Factory pattern. The response to factory_girl has been extremely positive, and we've had great success in converting our existing apps over, either replacing custom factory code, or completely replacing fixtures. For more information, go to our factory_girl page.

In July

All this while presenting at RailsConf, making updates to shoulda, paperclip, squirrel, and jester, doing excellent work for our clients, keeping a 40 hour work week, and just generally getting the job done.

We've got a great team, and I appreciate everyone's work with everything we've accomplished.