Movin' on Up!

By the end of 2010, thoughtbot’s growth led to a seriously crowded office. In January 2011, we took over the 30-year headquarters of Hair Club for Men and began to envision what thoughtbot’s new headquarters would become! We started tearing down walls, picking up leftover toupées and planning for a cutting-edge expansion on the top two floors of 41 Winter Street, in Downtown Crossing. This past July, we said goodbye to our first downtown Boston location and moved on up to our brand new office.

Not only were we able to expand the number of desks and conferences rooms from what we had previously, we also were able to build a training room that can hold over 30 people for trainings, hackfests, and events. 

Heres are some photos of the remodeling process.

We built walls!

We cut through floors!

Coolest construction job - being able to use stilts! 

Over the next five months, our new space transformed: from a 1970’s hair salon to a demolition site; from a demolition site to two gutted floors that were quickly filled with steel beams, new pipes, paint, and sheetrock. As winter turned to spring, our new office was pristine - a team effort on every level. 

With all our new space, why wouldn’t we brand it with a 15 foot logo of our chief evangelist, Ralph!

Hi Ralph! 

Clearly, we’ve been productive and busier than ever as we’ve settled into our new home.

We hope you’ll stop by for one of our meet-ups, hackfests, attend a workshop, or even become an apprentice.  

Last four photographs, Conor Macdonald

Design by Leonardi Aray Architects.