Written by thoughtbot

Meet thoughtbot at Railsconf 2012

We've had an abnormally warm Winter and Spring in Boston this year, but thoughtbot likes it EVEN HOTTER so we're going south to Austin. As a bonus, Railsconf is there. If you'd like to meet a real, live thoughtbot employee, here's who you can expect to see there:

Chad is the CEO of thoughtbot. You may recognize him from books like Backbone.js on Rails or movies like Humans Present: tmux. Chad's been focusing on workshops and other learning materials. If you have an idea for a book, screencast, or workshop, come find Chad. I'm sure he'd love to hear about it! <div style="clear: left"></div>

Matt is our COO. He's into movies, too, and he's the mastermind behind such open source works as flutie and pacecar. If you have an idea for a web app or want to discuss your favorite kind of trail mix, look for Matt. <div style="clear: right"></div>

Joe isn't always the CTO of thoughtbot, but when he is…actually, he always is. Joe is the original author of factory_girl and capybara-webkit. He'll be working on those, as well as his secret project with Mike Burns. If you're interested in any of those things, come find Joe. <div style="clear: left"></div>

Jon is one of the co-founders of thoughtbot. He wrote the paperclip gem. You may have heard of it. It's kind of a big deal. He also wrote the excitingly-named cocaine. If you want to help out with paperclip, find Jon. <div style="clear: right"></div>

Mike is a long time thoughtbotter and just moved to Stockholm. He loves open source, Swedish slang, and the Oxford comma. If you want to discuss open source or pull requests, just follow your nose to the…well, look for Mike. <div style="clear: left"></div>

Josh likes testing more than he likes food or oxygen. He's also the maintainer of factory_girl. If you want to yell about testing or factory_girl, Josh is ya boi. <div style="clear: right"></div>

Ben is a speaker and conference enthusiast. If you're at a conference, look for Ben's name. He's probably on the speaker list under "v" for "Vim." If you want to talk about speaking, Vim, or travel, you can't do much better than Ben. <div style="clear: left"></div>

Prem is a frequent contributor to Rails (you may have heard of it), paperclip, and other open source libraries. If you have a strange problem with paperclip, the asset pipeline, or Rails in general, look for Prem; I bet he can tell you what's happening. <div style="clear: right"></div>

Gabe brings humor, vocabulary, and Star Wars to thoughtbot. Gabe wrote kumade and can probably tell you how to pronounce it. He's also a frequent contributor to open source, and has been focusing on shoulda's matchers lately. For a good time, find Gabe. <div style="clear: left"></div>

Joel just started at thoughtbot after several years as a mercenary. He's a chatty one, so if you'd like to talk about anything - Ruby, Rails, Sass, beer, dogs, beer for dogs, or the economic viability of dogs as laptop stands - find him. He's the one with the big head. <div style="clear: right"></div>

Hope to see you there! If not, look for us at one of our other upcoming events.