Redesigning the toad

Over the last few weeks, we released several redesigned pages for Hoptoad. With the launch of its new Bossfrog plan, we redesigned the homepage and plans and pricing page. Yesterday, we released the redesign of the sign up form. The biggest goal for the redesign was to convert more of Hoptoad’s visitors to users.  We also wanted to keep the process from the homepage to signing up to be a cohesive experience.

The idea for the Hoptoad  homepage was to give a new coat of paint based on some of the feedback and metrics that have been collected, not do a total redesign. We added more entry points into the plans and pricing page, added clearer messaging about what Hoptoad is, and highlighted that it’s not just a Rails service.

The plans and pricing page and sign up page have adapted the style of the homepage. The plans have been grouped vertically so that they are easily comparable. The backgrounds fade out from largest to smallest to help convey the difference in size.

On the sign up page the plan information has been moved to the side so that it won’t get in the way of users filling out the form. Inputs have been made bigger, given more space and more emphasis. The form has been broken down into only two sections instead of three, making it seem like less to fill out. Lastly, the create account button has been made bigger and more inviting.

Check out the revamped design at and let us know what you think.

Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker


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