Success Story: Big Room Consulting

We like to spotlight our thoughtbot training students' work.

Big Room

In this installment, we’re checking in with Mike Breen, a local Bostonian. Mike took one of our very first Boston classes.

Since last year, he has been doing Rails consulting as an owner of Big Room Technology.

Big Room

Since last October I launched a family of products for Directory of Expert Witnesses, Directory of Independent Medical Examiners, and Directory of File Review Consultants,

… converted multiple ol' school ASP apps to a single Rails app,

… helped launch IAC-EZ with Lark Farm, Inc.,

… worked with Auburn Quad and now I’m working on their non-profit wing Grassroots Giving Group,

… and helping out with the RailsBridge. I lead up the Builders. We help non-profits build or rehab Rails sites. thoughtbot developer Jason Morrison and the Personal Genome Project signed up recently.

Rails is a productivity enhancer

As if that wasn’t enough, Mike also volunteered his time to run the inaugural Rails BugMash, which saw over 300 commits to Rails.

The next BugMash is this weekend, September 25th-27th.

Our own Tristan “Bucky” Dunn finished in the top 5 last time around. You can mash more bugs than Bucky, can’t you?


We’re always pleased to see the great work that our alumni have produced.

We think you can strengthen your TDD with Rails skills through hands-on workshops in an intimate setting with thoughtbot developers.

Early Bird tickets are now available for October and December classes.

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