This week in open source


One change to bourbon this week as Thibaut (Thibaut) removed the obsolete -moz-inline-block display type from the inline-block mixin (de69a76).


Version 0.10.1 of capybara-webkit is out (8f2cdef). Matthew Mongeau (halogenandtoast) made it such that Swedes can install it on Måndag (1a28da8), Marc Schwieterman (marcisme) improved the generate_command rake task to also handle the CommandFactory.cpp (c15cd3a), and Joe Ferris (jferris) updated the link to our QT docs (a4fcb8e).


On cocaine, which is a hell of a gem, Alban Peignier (albanpeignier) exposed the command’s exit status (bfe0ba6).


Added to factory_girl this week, though written two weeks ago, Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) replaced the AssociationRunner with what he calls the FactoryRunner, which can run any strategy (4145a6e).

On the factory_girl_rails side, Joshua Flanagan (joshuaflanagan) added support for namespaced models, e.g. Article::Comment (7df9c9b)


In kumade this week Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) fixed a completely broken rake task (43ea8b8), discovered that && reads more nicely than and (50b8102), and removed the Gemfile.lock because everyone hated it (278c8bf). SengMing Tan (tansengming) changed the command-line program to produce false when the deployment fails, which means you can use it in more scripts (7e37d61). Klaus Hartl (carhartl) fixed a bug with cedar, where restarting the app didn’t work (07e30d4).


As usual, a bunch of bugfixes and functionality made it into paperclip this week. Keep those pull requests coming!

Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) removed deprecated methods, which means you should watch for a major version bump soon. How exciting! (defd425 and 9e38958). He and Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) updated the README with stylistic and some content improvements (4e4fa9d and 5dba614). Prem also fixed a bug where an RSpec matcher would run the post processing; that’s wild (0efa384).

Robert Pankowecki (paneq) improved the docs to show how to conditionally skip post processing (49ddd12). Jesse Cantara rewinds files after Paperclip is done with them, before handing them back to the user (7cb7384). Beachbc (beachbc) passed S3 creds as a lambda (b89044f), and Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) added a :s3_url_options option, which can be either a hash or a lambda that produces a hash, that allows the user to augment the image URL with params, but only if the image is stored in S3 (e64021e).


Speaking of shoulda, version 3.0.1 is out, without any packaging issues (62f5b82); this was discovered and fixed by Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu). Prem also dropped Rubinius 2.0 support for shoulda-matchers 94dbf74). Blake Thomson (thomsbg) added a validates_confirmation_of matcher (1b5fc27c); Raphaël emourgeon (osaris) expanded the have_sent_email matcher to understand reply_to (cabe44c7); and Sylvestre Mergulhao (mergulhao) fixed the allow_mass_assignment_of_matcher documentation to be copy-pasteable (3a75c687).

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