This week in open source


Version 2.6.4 of factory_girl is out (b7f3789), with a bug fix from Ian Duggan (ijcd) such that you can use the name of a transient attribute when setting other attributes (0d7520e), and Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) reduced the number of times a factory assigns to an object, just in case mutation matters (f5d4db1).


Version 0.11.0 of capybara-webkit is out (464a7bf and 39be2c8). From David Reese (whatcould) we get support for the oninput trigger (fc5cba3); Moreno Carullo (morenocarullo) fixed compilation on 23-bit Microsoft Windows (f09ba15 and 4b044cc); James Tucker (raggi) forced the server to bind straight to localhost instead of the free-for-all it was previously (fc56a13).


Clearance 0.16.0 is out (4cacef5 and a01d81f), in which Chris Dillon (squarism) added Blowfish password encryption (1a779c8 and 40362e92). Wild.

shoulda and shoulda-matchers

Small stuff in shoulda shoulda-matchers over the past week, as Steve Richert (laserlemon) fixed the little image on our README that shows that the build is always broken (43a3cb7) and Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) cleaned up the test suite, using let instead of instance variables (f1a3dca, 62207b4, bb59b74).


In cocaine news, Brian Durand (bdurand) included an option to use the posix-spawn gem, potentially improving performance (aa36e45, 98dff3d, 2391d9f). Mike Burns (mike-burns) removed Gabe’s bundler config, ‘cause really (f77c1b5).


While drinking bourbon this week, Kyle Fiedler documented flex-grid (a85ce35), Frank (frankzilla) added a hide-text mixin to make it easier to hide some text, e.g. .image-to-be-replaced { @include hide-text } (3f736ea). Dylan Lacey threw more Ruby at the installation rake task, which brought cross-platform compatibility to the world (ee78754, b853f14, 9b85a13, 8b7dec4, e4ed1b3).


Performance gains in paperclip this week as Luke Griffiths (Sporky023) and Mathieu Martin (webmat) switched from find to find_each (0c1e812, 32199e2, 35052eb). Mathieu also allowed in styles with numeric names (8edccdc). Matthias Viehweger (kronn) fixed a typo; thanks, Matthias (e927180)!

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