Vanquish thoughtbot At The Poker Table

If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize. - Muhammed Ali

Not since the Thrilla in Manila has there been a contest so hyped, with so much on the line. This is bound to be the most remarkable, exceptional event in Vegas all year.

Of course I refer to…

The 2009 Railsconf Poker Tournament

We’re pleased to announce a no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9pm at The Poker Room at Caesar’s Palace.

The buy-in is $65. Caesar’s takes $15 from each person to set everything up for us. We’ll have our own dealers, and the casino handles everything.

Winner takes the rest.

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

How to play

Send an @reply to @thoughtbot on Twitter. We’ll call Caesar’s at noon tomorrow with the final count. We’ve got 15 right now.

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