A Convenient Squirrel Addition

This is probably something that should have been done sooner, but I didn’t get around to it and it wasn’t immediately important to us. Since it now is, I changed Squirrel’s call to ActiveRecord::Base#find to include all parameters passed in, even the extra hash variables find normally uses. While this isn’t terribly amazing on its own (although it does mean you can use :limit even though it doesn’t have Squirrel-specific syntax yet), it allows the usage of the terribly lovely [paginating_find] plugin.

posts = Post.find(:all, :limit => 10) do
    created_on > 7.days.ago

orders = Order.find(:all, :page => { :size => 5, :current => 2 } ) do
    customer.id == params[:customer_id]

Both of these will work as expected now. Well, the second one needs paginating_find installed, but you know what I mean.

As always, the repo is on github.

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