Clone Me Maybe

Let’s say you’re on the GitHub page for rails/rails. Copying the URL from the top of the page, pasting it into the terminal takes too dang long! Instead, put this in your ~/.gitconfig:

# ~/.gitconfig
[url "git://"]
  # Read-only
  insteadOf = gh:

In the terminal:

git clone gh:rails/rails

Read/write github repos

What if I want to clone something to which I have push (write) access, like thoughtbot/high_voltage? Here you go:

# ~/.gitconfig
[url ""]
  # With write access
  insteadOf = wgh:
$ git clone wgh:thoughtbot/high_voltage

Easily add a Heroku remote

Now then, what if you need to add a Heroku remote for the app? You could go to Heroku, log in, click “My Apps”, click “Sushi”, and find the remote URL. Or, you can do this:

# ~/.gitconfig
[url ""]
  insteadOf = heroku:
$ git remote add heroku:sushi.git

Your turn

Before I learned this tip, I missed it real bad. For more, check out my gitconfig. What are your little Git tips?

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