Fresh off the robot assembly line


We’d like to welcome four new robots to the thoughtbot team

Angelo Simeoni - Angelo has the job that I secretly wish I could have: semantic markup samurai. He’ll be summarizing your tables and declaring your doctypes in a browser near you any day now.

Kevin Burg - Kevin was on the winning rails rumble team, and keeps wearing this belt around the New York City office to prove a point. We’re not sure what the point is yet, but it’s bound to be profound once it’s identified.

Mike Burns - Mike’s cousin is Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy. Unlike Nick, Mike won’t fix your printer, but he will fix your application’s domain model.

Joe Ferris - Joe was lost in a sea of projects, unable to breathe the sweet air of agile development. Now he’s sailing a fancy MVC yacht across the seven seas.

So welcome aboard to all four!