1. Introducing Perform: Easy dependency injection for storyboard segues

  2. Running first-time contributor workshops

  3. Release 1.0 of our “Maintaining Open Source Projects” Book

  4. thoughtbot Ruby Open Source is Ready for Rails 5

  5. Contributing to Open Source Go Projects

  6. Introducing Swish 1.0: Protocol Based Networking for iOS

  7. Announcing fake_stripe

  8. Paperclip IS vulnerable to ImageTragick

  9. ImageMagick vulnerability does not affect Paperclip

  10. Paperclip is ready for Rails 5

  11. Hound Supports Swift

  12. Maintaining Open Source Projects: Versioning and Releasing

  13. Announcing Pester

  14. Announcing Administrate

  15. Griddler is Better Than Ever!

  16. Poppins: All Your Favorite GIFs, Ready to Share

  17. Open Sourcing Tropos, Our iOS Weather App

  18. Announcing Foundry

  19. Paperclip Security Release

  20. Shoulda Matchers 3.0

  21. Splitting an open source project in two with Git submodules

  22. fake_braintree has a new maintainer

  23. Maintaining Open Source Projects: Licenses

  24. Maintaining Open Source Projects: Documentation

  25. Adding a Code of Conduct to Open Source Projects

  26. Announcing pick

  27. Announcing Maintaining Open Source Projects

  28. DIY Design Sprints

  29. Shoulda Matchers 2.8.0

  30. Contributing to Big Bad Open Source

  31. Handling Security Issues In Open Source Projects

  32. PGP and You

  33. Use Git Hooks to Automate Necessary but Annoying Tasks

  34. Using Clearance with RailsAdmin

  35. Laptop Setup for an Awesome Development Environment

  36. Shoulda Matchers 2.6.0

  37. Introducing Hound

  38. Manage Team and Personal Dotfiles Together with rcm

  39. Liftoff 1.0

  40. Form Filling is Formulaic

  41. Prevent Spoofing with Paperclip

  42. Announcing gitsh

  43. rcm, an rc file manager

  44. Moving Open Source Project Mailing Lists to Stack Overflow

  45. Update Your Gems: Security Vulnerability in Cocaine

  46. Use RSpec.vim with tmux and Dispatch

  47. How To Write A Great README

  48. Faster Tests: Sign In Through The Back Door

  49. Quick start your Bourbon and Neat

  50. Version 1.0 of Bourbon Neat, a Sass-based responsive grid framework