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  1. Playbook v2

  2. Don’t Talk to (Just) Me

  3. Google Authorship on Giant Robots

  4. Google Hangout for Daily Standups, Weekly Retrospectives, and Interviews

  5. Our tools of the trade

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  10. Business Problems and Technology People

  11. Feature branch code reviews

  12. Command Line Basecamp

  13. Rules Made Up by You

  14. A bullet in your programs head

  15. just scrap it

    Jared Carroll
  16. Exploring Coding Guidelines

  17. Operating Under The Confluence

  18. Once Bitten Twice Shy

  19. Turn Down the Wrong Work

  20. Have A Target

  21. Only Solve Hard Problems When You Have To

  22. Appear To Be Competent

  23. Don't Use A Paintbrush When A Crayon Will Do

  24. Only Humans Need A Balanced Diet

  25. Find A Third Way Home

  26. Doing Stupid Things Is A Choice

  27. Leaving Business in the Office

  28. For all you budding programmers...

  29. Realistic Expectations

  30. The correct amount of planning