1. Buy Your Customers a Coffee

  2. How to Request an Introduction

  3. Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome With Automated Onboarding

  4. How to Set Up Your Company's Apprenticeship

  5. North Star Metric

  6. Clear Your Mental Cache

  7. The Chameleon

  8. Why Fixed Bids Are Bad For Clients, Too

  9. Beginner's Mind

  10. You Should Take A Codecation

  11. Playbook v2

  12. Giving Thanks

  13. Don’t Talk to (Just) Me

  14. The Product Design Sprint

  15. A Practical Guide to Remote User Testing

  16. Be a Good Designer, Be a Good Client

  17. Google Authorship on Giant Robots

  18. Google Hangout for Daily Standups, Weekly Retrospectives, and Interviews

  19. Reducing Churn in Subscription Services

  20. Introducing The Playbook Online Workshop

  21. Our tools of the trade

  22. 5th Playbook Video, Launch!, now unlocked

  23. Playbook video, "Development", now unlocked!

  24. Third Playbook video, "Design", now unlocked!

  25. The Playbook: Video Edition

  26. Describe the User's Perspective: DDD, acceptance testing, and you

    Mike Burns
  27. Ask the Giant Robots

  28. What is good code?

  29. Internship Or Apprenticeship?

  30. The Money Back Guarantee

  31. How to make the most of an apprenticeship

  32. Paul Graham on Viaweb

  33. From the Desk of a thoughtbot Apprentice

  34. Business Problems and Technology People

  35. Feature branch code reviews

  36. Ongoing refactoring and client work

  37. Design Driven Development

  38. Ask thoughtbot: college & degrees

  39. Ask thoughtbot: What is Kickstart?

  40. Team Rotations

  41. Finding A Great Place To Work

  42. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Business: Our Hiring Process

  43. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Business: Why We Don't Subcontract

  44. Internbot Chronicles #5: The end

  45. Internbot Chronicles #5: Training Reflections

  46. Internbot Chronicles #4: CI & Test Metrics

  47. Internbot Chronicles #3

  48. Internbot Chronicles #2

  49. Internbot Chronicles I

  50. Command Line Basecamp