1. A Client Project, Two Years Later

  2. Announcing Administrate

  3. But I Don't Want to `bundle exec`

  4. Ruby's ARGF

  5. Validating the FormKeep API

  6. Let's Build a Sinatra

  7. Testing SMS Interactions

  8. It's About Time (Zones)

  9. A Case Study in Multiple Time Zones

  10. Faking APIs in Development and Staging

  11. Migrating FormKeep to ember-cli-rails

  12. Paperclip Security Release

  13. Test Incoming Webhook Requests with Faraday

  14. Functional Ciphers in Ruby

  15. A Closer Look at Test Spies

  16. Creating A Remote Development Machine

  17. Shoulda Matchers 2.8.0

  18. Testing and Environment Variables

  19. Lazy Refactoring

  20. Refactoring From Model to View Helper to Null Object

  21. Back to Basics: Anonymous Functions and Closures

  22. Hound Reviews JavaScript For Style Violations

  23. IO in Ruby

  24. Prefer Objects as Method Parameters, Not Class Names

  25. Validating JSON Schemas with an RSpec Matcher

  26. Back to Basics: SOLID

  27. Acceptance Tests at a Single Level of Abstraction

  28. DNS to CDN to Origin

  29. Meditations on a Class Method

    Mike Burns
  30. Ruby 2 Keyword Arguments

  31. Laptop Setup for an Awesome Development Environment

  32. How Rails' Type Casting Works

  33. Writing a Domain-Specific Language in Ruby

  34. Styling a Middleman Blog with Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters

  35. Shoulda Matchers 2.6.0

  36. Introducing Hound

  37. Back to Basics: Writing Unit Tests First

  38. Back to Basics: Polymorphism and Ruby

  39. Prevent Spoofing with Paperclip

  40. Code Show and Tell: PolymorphicFinder

  41. Caching API Requests

  42. Anti-Pattern: Iteratively Building a Collection

    Mike Burns
  43. Ruby and Python Libraries for Yammer's API

  44. Handling API Rate Limits by Retrying Requests in Background Jobs

  45. Don't Stub the System Under Test

  46. Rescue StandardError, Not Exception

  47. Faking Remote Services with Rack::Test

  48. FactoryGirl for Seed Data?

  49. Honey, I shrunk the internet! - Content Compression via Rack::Deflater

  50. Less Painful Heroku Deploys with Migrations