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  1. Input/Output Redirection in the Shell

  2. CSVKit Brings the Unix Philosophy to CSV

  3. Announcing pick

    Calle Erlandsson and Mike Burns
  4. jq is sed for JSON

  5. Rails on Docker

  6. Test Drive Your Dockerfiles with RSpec and ServerSpec

  7. Announcing the Tmux Course on Upcase

  8. The magic behind configure, make, make install

  9. Control Rdio from Vim

  10. Man Pages For Your RubyGems

  11. PGP and You

  12. IO in Ruby

  13. Use Git Hooks to Automate Necessary but Annoying Tasks

  14. Silver Searcher Tab Completion with Exuberant Ctags

  15. Running WeeChat on a Server for IRC Backlogs

  16. WeeChat for Slack's IRC Gateway

  17. Tmux Only For Long-Running Processes

  18. Laptop Setup for an Awesome Development Environment

  19. Manage Team and Personal Dotfiles Together with rcm

  20. rcm, an rc file manager

    Mike Burns
  21. sed 102: Replace In-Place

  22. The Unix Shell's Humble If

    Pat Brisbin
  23. No Newline at End of File

    Mike Burns
  24. ${VISUAL}ize the Future

    Mike Burns
  25. Using GDB to Inspect a Running Ruby Process

  26. Foreman as Process Manager

  27. Trail Map

  28. How To Use Arguments In a Rake Task

  29. Bracket Expansion

  30. Run a Command Every Time You Change Directories in zsh

  31. capybara-webkit doesn't like #fork

  32. cd'ing to frequently-used directories in ZSH

  33. Font Battle 2011

  34. Keeping A GitHub Fork Updated

  35. Streamline your git workflow with aliases

  36. A tmux Crash Course

  37. Love, Hate, & tmux

  38. Set Your Mouse Free

  39. How Grep Got its Name

    Mike Burns
  40. tiniest of tips

  41. Zsh completion for your tests and specs

  42. Tail Your Test Logs

  43. Integrating Vim Into Your Life

    Mike Burns